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Ákos Zala | directory 

Ákos Zala | directory

Dare to develop! When we renewed our image on the occasion of the company’s 30th anniversary, this new slogan was born and we immediately fell in love with it!

The message is clear, isn’t it? Development is a must.  And development also requires courage, because it means a change of state: it is a well-known psychological fact that the elimination of a bad state can often drag on for a long time, because if it is not clearly much better that we would go into it, the existing one is at least certain – so we are able to stay in a bad situation, just so you don’t have to step towards the uncertain… So it is a message to our customers; we hope it is an attractive call for our hopeful customers and a direct message to our participants.

Then this little slogan started to get cheeky. It started talking back. Do we as HTC dare to develop enough? We have already experienced that we can create great things as a result of our motivation to meet customer challenges. But do we create new things just to improve ourselves, to meet a higher standard that we set for ourselves?

Well, this is HTC’s blog, I’m not going to say No. But I admit that there is more room for our own development. So just talk to us, feel free to inquire little slogan: do you dare to improve, dear HTC?

And you, dear blog reader? If you dare – congratulations. If you are still here, let me help you with a surprise… just surprise me by writing “dear Ákos, I read your blog article…” (

Dare to develop!