A fresh perspective: Freshwatching

Prof.Dr. Csaba Deák | expert, professional mentor of innovation division

Prof.Dr. Csaba Deák | expert, professional mentor of innovation division

Can we use another company’s business model to start innovating our business model? Can we draw ideas from the business models of companies in other industries? The Freshwatching technique is based on just that. With Freshwatching, we can take a small or large part of other companies’ business models to develop our own business model with new elements.

The base: the Business Model Canvas

There are many ways to use a Business Model Canvas. In general, we use this tool both to help us think through our development proposals and to help us explain our development proposals to the company management or to potential investors. We may not think so, but the business model canvas can also be an effective tool for stimulating and formulating creative ideas. In the case of Freshwatching, the canvas is the starting point.

Fresh ideas even from other industries

The Freshwatching tool was first used in the Netherlands. It is based on combining the business model of a company with the business model of another company or companies. These companies often operate in a different industry. We do not only look at products or processes, but also analyse the different components of the overall business model in more depth. The benefits of the Freshwatching tool are:

– It inspires you to formulate innovative ideas and design business models.

– It helps you generate new divergent ideas, especially when you and your team look at companies in other industries.

– Combining elements of different models gives you a better chance of achieving breakthroughs.


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