English week

The goal of the ENGLISH WEEK is to activate the participant’s passive knowledge of the English language. Join in to get an opportunity to live in an English-speaking environment to experience it as the day-to-day natural communication way. This week will give you a lot of fun, motivation and self confidence to use the English language. (And probably to motivate you for further learning)

This program in 4 days enables learning in an enjoyable way through a variety of methods like presentations, team challenges, games, watching movies and personal coaching. There is an important precondition to participation. Would you like to join in, you must commit yourself to communicating for the entire duration only in English. At first, it might appear a little frightening. But once inside the course it will be easy – with the support of a sizeable group of facilitators (including just a few native speakers)

Apply, more information:
+36 1 214 0204, info@htconsulting.hu