We are 30 years old!

We welcome you to our renewed website. While our 30 years provides lots of room for memories, now we’re just saying that we’ve gained a lot of experience over the past three decades. More importantly, the future takes the centerpiece at the heart of our thinking: how can we use this experience to develop ourselves and our services in the spirit of “Dare to Improve!” (our new slogan) in order to carry out successful projects with our clients?

We provide a wide range of services. If you have only one minute, check out this video, if you have a little more, take a look at our website and meet our consultants – be sure to check out some of our personal introduction videos as well.

We’re glad you’re still here! Read on to find out more about our solutions:


  • We complete our organization development methodology with network research tools.
  • Comprehensive cultural development based on the Human Synergistics Circumplex model
  • Breakthrough Culture Development Program at FISH! based on your clear messages
  • Organizational innovation – an innovative organization – is a combination of culture and methodological development with our own tools.


  • Soft Skill Toolkit is a comprehensive training program for project managers
  • Time Management – Improving Individual Efficiency with Blended Learning Technology
  • Life cannot be more viable with our negotiation simulations – with a unique methodology!
  • Stress management – in light of old and new relationships. Comprehensive research – our new stress management website in progress!
  • Conflict Management – A classic theme with advanced training solutions
    Intercultural training, with Japanese and Chinese focus
  • Effective writing skills in English
    English Week, English Weekend – you won’t even notice that this is for you too!
  • Open trainings – Don’t we advertise exactly what you’re looking for? Let us know and if more people are interested we will announce it


  • Digital Training Film Library – A Complex and Economical Solution with a Wide Range of Classic Movies!
  • Essentials Film Series: Award Winning Short Films – Standalone and In-Program
  • Paper Airplane – Your own development simulation that you can lift off the shelf.


  • Creating client events for our clients clients! Concept and facilitation on demand
  • Indoor Trainer Training – Treasure Chest in 2x2 Days, Comprehensive Trainer Training in 1 Year
  • Success Bank and Success Bank Gala: Discover their strengths
  • Action Learning – Leadership development through self-paced group coaching


  • SKARB – an exciting conference solution for up to 20-200 people from our Polish partner.
  • Value walk – about values ​​in an interesting, fun and valuable way! (“It was one of the best days of my life,” wrote a participant)
  • In our creative project, team building in a large group is both creative and sweet
  • Beverage exchange, wine quiz… names are talkative

… And we could, but thank you for reading this. Get to know us, it’s worth – write or call us!