Failure is a useful stage of innovation


What is the commonality between the innovation solutions of a domestic university and an international mobile service company? Is it easier to deploy upgrades as a lone warrior or as a team? Where do our best ideas come from? These and more exciting questions were debated by international celebrity speakers and domestic experts on February 19 at Human Telex Consulting Dare to Improve! – The path to innovation at your conference.

Put your hands on someone who has ideas at home in the shower! Who’s driving or sitting in a traffic jam? Do you have anyone running while exercising? Now, let’s see who is challenged in their innovative thinking work, said Szilvasi Lindsy, innovation program manager at Studio.Why in the Netherlands, and not at all surprised that no one came forward while the previous questions turned hands. In other words, our innovative ideas are attacked almost everywhere, not just at our workplace, while they are the ones that are most expected of us.

According to the expert, social frameworks and educational rules break our creative approach at a very young age. After all, they say that if you make a mistake, you will be punished. As a child you break out of the ordinary, you can easily get the criticism: because it doesn’t look like this in reality, it’s just a dream, not a reality. And this builds us into a failure avoidance routine.

“Innovation is an approach without written and unwritten rules. Failure is a useful and valuable stepping stone to advance our innovative thinking. It is also important to support a culture of innovation that allows for mistakes in a company, without which we cannot expect an active attitude from the employees, ”emphasized Szilvasi Lindsy.

It is also a huge challenge for an organization to find sponsors for our innovation initiatives. Without it, we can face obstacles very quickly, it is enough for just one department to say no to implementation, said Gijs van Wulfen, international innovation lecturer, founder of the FORTH innovation management approach.

Think of the neighbor’s child. Who loves a neighbor’s seedling as much as his own? Ideas are like this: we may like the innovative idea of ​​the other, but we go into the fire only for our own idea. This makes it almost impossible for a lone warrior to succeed in this field. But if you think in a team and get more key people involved in the idea as soon as possible, everyone will feel the project is their own child.

And all of these are not sector-specific problems – several case studies have revealed. After all, the University of Miskolc, as well as Knorr-Bremse, a railway brake systems company, or the mobile phone company Orange Romania, are facing difficulties in creating an innovation culture, an organization open to ideas. True, the end result will be different – there are specific product improvements, where services or the HR system will be renewed – but the path to innovation is paved with very similar bricks.

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